Why ECO?

When creating a new product or packaging always try to do considering the ECO concept. Can we really make the plants consume the water they need and not what the run time say? Why not create a gun that has many liters of water to irrigate spend? They are some of the ideas that after hours of development have been carried out. Also, when we think of the packs that come in always try our products made R03;R03;from materials that are zero pollutants and can be, if possible, fully recyclable.

We continue to work to this end multiply and grow, day by day ...

ECO products


Gun of 5 jets with water meter

With this gun 5 jets you can supply water to your garden, 5 different ways, and while you're controlling spending. We can not waste one of the greatest assets we have when we armed ourselves with our guns we have irrigation and watering.


Water control

  • Use: outdoors
  • Outlets: 1 x 3/4"  + Automatic female adapter

If you put an NWC between your water tap and your outlet watering device, you'll be aware everytime of the water waste. In the In this way  whoever takes a shower, or water the garden will know how many liters (or gallons) is using.



Automatic irrigation cones kit

Are you parents out of the city and you don't like your neighbours? Don't worry about it 'cause you don't need anyone to water your plants. With CARROT and some reused bottles you can develop a very efficient and helpful irrigation system that will let you go on holidays whenever you like.