We are like this

In jardín&natura we are an inconditional gardening, gardening and DIY lovers, and market products for all types of patios, gardens and terraces. It's that simple. Moreover, as we love what we do, we do well.

What more could you want?

Reading the first paragraph , you may have noticed how we are : direct , carefree and fun (we don't have a grandmother). And as being snooty is not going with us , our team is made up of flesh and blood people wanting to have fun doing their job.

Fredy is a T : We are beautiful because of it. Jordi deals with the after-sales service : no problem or query that can resist . Konstantina is responsible for quality issues : you will not miss a thing . Danila is our voice calls and your orders will go through it . Julius Carry warehouse control : more than proven effectiveness . Xavi is the marketing guy : he thinks there then . Yolanda euros handles with great ease . And Carlos is the boss and do what the bosses , yours and some of the others.

In summary, we are people of the yard as you can be you , your neighbor or your neighbor 's neighbor , who also works in the field of gardening .

Our philosophy

We like breakfast stronger every day so that when you visit the major centers of DIY and gardening in your country and sostengas one of our products in your hands , you say to yourself : I like stay in my garden, the quality is good and price is reasonable .

Competitive Prices

The idea that if something is expensive , it is good is not. And if not, by the mere fact that an article has an affordable price , it should not be considered poor quality . Our products are an example of a good relationship between quality, design and price.

Multinational company

Our products, you can find them at home centers and major gardening five of the Mediterranean countries of Europe : Spain , Portugal , Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

After sales service

Our relationship does not end when you buy one of our products. Far from it ! Through our customer service You can contact us if you have any questions or problems and we will do everything possible to fix it.

We would like to be your friend

But we know that as much as you click on the button "like " on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, never will consider us friends . And it's normal. We are also consumers and we are not friends of all brands.
What I would like to be very clear is that behind garden & nature 's hopeful people , working to provide ideas, content, etc. . , That may interest you and with whom you can talk about gardening, horticulture or whatever you whenever you feel you want through channels where you feel most comfortable.


History of garden & nature is closely linked to a box. The box in which Carlos, responsible for organizing, resting his laptop when he started managing the company. At that time, had asked for a table but did not quite get. The case, therefore, for nearly two weeks, endured the weight of the company on their sheets of cardboard, and held.

It's been a long time (8 November 2005) and we still have the box. And not only retain but has become a reference object in garden & nature. Something that everyone remembers where we came from and humility, work and enthusiasm that we feel when we work for the "where are we going."